Daily Illustration: "Stereotypes"

#8 © Manuel Rebollo

Well, not all the Spanish are bullfighters; not all of us like Flamenco, and our women don't always wear polka-dot and red dresses! haha

listening right now: The Fray - How to save a life.

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MurderBunny dijo...

i guess this is my favorite picture <3

S. dijo...

Hi! I used this illustration in a blog entry of mine (properly credited, of course!) and I wanted to double-check with you if it was alright. The post can be found here, in case you want to see it: http://iamawomanand.tumblr.com/

Por cierto, sus ilustraciones son fascinantemente hipnoticas. Me quede un buen rato mirando el resto de la galeria. Sigue asi!