Daily Illustration: "Te amaré. (mientras dura un cigarrillo)"

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"Te amaré...(mientras dura un cigarrillo)"
#XII © Manuel Rebollo

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Daily Illustration: "Coffee & Cigarettes"

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"Coffee & Cigarettes"
#XI © Manuel Rebollo

yeah, as the film, hehe

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Daily Illustration: "Retales de memoria"

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"Retales de memoria"
#X © Manuel Rebollo

Remnants of memory

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Daily Illustration: "Vampires"

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#9 © Manuel Rebollo

Lilith and Dracula, garlics and stakes, mirrors and crucifixes.. thirsty aristocrats, monsters with romantic air. Blood

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Daily Illustration: "Stereotypes"

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#8 © Manuel Rebollo

Well, not all the Spanish are bullfighters; not all of us like Flamenco, and our women don't always wear polka-dot and red dresses! haha

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Daily Illustration: "You're the Storm"

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"You're the Storm"
#7 © Manuel Rebollo
song by The Cardigans

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Daily Illustration: "Old movies"

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"I love old movies in black & white"
#6 © Manuel Rebollo

Un poco de cine.
Marlene Dietrich again.

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Daily Illustration: "Dirty hair"

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"Dirty hair"

Today I have hardly had time, this has been drawn very quick, but I won't surrender so soon, a daily drawing!
She is Marlene Dietrich, btw.

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Daily Illustration: "The fascinating journey in elevator"

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"The fascinating journey in elevator"

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Daily Illustration: "Hora Zero"

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"Hora Zero"

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Old Stuff: "Into the Fire"

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"Into the fire". Personal work
song by Thirteen Senses


Old Stuff: "Fashion Victim"

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"Fashion Victim" personal work

Daily Illustration: "Lineal"

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Daily Illustration: "Anticipo de la Sombra"

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"Anticipo de la Sombra"

Old Stuff: "El Sitio de mi Recreo"

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Illustration for the song: El sitio de mi recreo, by Antonio Vega

"Silencio, brisa y Cordura
dan aliento a mi locura,
hay nieve, hay fuego, hay deseos
allí donde me recreo"

"El sitio de mi recreo". personal work


...to be continued

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