XXXV. "For Sale"

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"For Sale"
#XXXV © Manuel Rebollo

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XXXIV. "I have an invisible bird"

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"I have an invisible bird"
#XXXIV © Manuel Rebollo

I think I'll stop calling my illustrations "daily illustrations", it doesn't make sense if I don't update the blog every day, however, I will try to continue as until now, and of course, I'll keep trying to improve with each illustration.
Thanks to all of you for following this blog

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Daily Illustration: "Striptease"

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#XXXIII © Manuel Rebollo

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Daily Illustration: "Little Red Riding Hood"

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"Little Red Riding Hood"
#XXXII © Manuel Rebollo

Caperucita Roja

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Daily Illustration: "Like a Hurricane"

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"Like a Hurricane"
#XXXI © Manuel Rebollo

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Daily Illustration: "The city is full of ghosts"

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"The city is full of ghosts"
#XXX © Manuel Rebollo

la ciudad está llena de fantasmas.

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Daily Illustration: "Run, Bambi, run!!"

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"Run, Bambi, run!!"
#XXIX © Manuel Rebollo


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Daily Illustration: "Dance me to the end of love"

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"Dance me to the end of love"
#XXVIII © Manuel Rebollo

Feliz noche de reyes!

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Daily Illustration: "Before the battle"

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"Before the battle"
#XXVII © Manuel Rebollo

edit: I have changed some things, I didn't like the first version.

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